Blue Street

If you’re heading out in Yokosuka, chances are you’re headed to Blue Street. There isn’t much of anything that can’t be found on this busy street. It’s even the home of the nearest train station!

While it seems noone knows its real Japanese name here on base, Blue Street might as well be its official name – especially considering it’s so fitting. It might take a second to catch on to what’s happening, but there are actually blue and white stones mixed into the pavement on the street.

Taken by Jeremy Ng

Even more interesting than the blue stones are the jazz themed statues on every bench. I’ve been unable to find much information on why Jazz is the chosen theme, but I’ve heard that Yokosuka was one of the first towns in Japan to embrace Jazz music. For this reason, and because it’s almost always bustling with people, there are many street musicians and performers putting on shows.

Blue Street is something that I feel grateful for any time I go into town. Walking in such a beautiful and lively area always puts a smile on my face. Overall, it’s the perfect place to test the Japanese waters when you first arrive.


One comment

  1. daretolivepp · · Reply

    it’s hard to see at first but it’s very interesting why they have blue and white pebbles paved in the streets. Great note!


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