Daiei Mall

One of my favorite things about traveling is checking out different malls and shopping districts. So, naturally the first thing I wanted to see in Yokosuka was the mall everyone kept mentioning. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only was it right outside of base, it had six floors and a cinema inside it!

Daiei “Shoppers Plaza” has just about everything. There’s a food court with lots of quick goodies as well as a “Restaurant Park” where a shopper can sit down and have a meal. There’s a super market, furniture store, clothing shops, electronics, spas, a gym, arcades, and even a stage where live bands often play.

What makes Daiei, and most malls in Japan, different than traditional American malls is that it’s set up more like a department store. Rather than being self contained, each store takes up space in one big open area. It makes for a pretty overwhelming experience at first but is easy to get used to.

Shoes are a big deal here. These are casual shoes for many of the younger Japanese women!

Daiei is a great place to hangout and browse, especially on days when the Yen rate is up!

A view from inside the mall. To the right is base, and to the left is town.



  1. I like your blog. I think I am going to just link to your blog on Japan instead of writing my own. Just an FYI – in case you end up with random people asking about the kids.

    1. I’m glad you like it, but that’s no excuse to go back on your New Years Resolution! Plus, blogs about Taylor and Jameson are way more interesting! Now I finally know what people are talking about when they talk about Bento Boxes . 😛


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