As one of the perks of my job here in Japan, I had a month long vacation from mid July to mid August. I took advantage of that break and scheduled a trip with a friend of mine, calling it our ‘Girls’ Trip.’ Much to both of our husbands’ dismay, the trip was to Beijing, […]

Do-it-yourself restaurants are popular here in Japan. Many menus include options that allow the customer to take part in or see parts of their meal’s preparation. Pepper Lunch is no exception to this – actually, this DIY theme is the basis of the franchise. One of my favorite places to eat, Pepper Lunch is cheap, fast, and […]

Being from a town that has no public transport system at all, the train system is one of my favorite things about Japan. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of driving, even in familiar territory – so, driving here in Japan is not going to happen for me. But that’s alright because we […]

If you’re heading out in Yokosuka, chances are you’re headed to Blue Street. There isn’t much of anything that can’t be found on this busy street. It’s even the home of the nearest train station! While it seems noone knows its real Japanese name here on base, Blue Street might as well be its official […]

One of my favorite things about traveling is checking out different malls and shopping districts. So, naturally the first thing I wanted to see in Yokosuka was the mall everyone kept mentioning. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not only was it right outside of base, it had six floors and a cinema inside […]

As many of our friends and family have mentioned, a lot of the places where we spend time here in Japan seem very western. In fact, it’s actually very easy to forget that we’re in Japan because the Navy has provided us with many American comforts here on base. We have apartments and houses with […]